Where are cuddle+kind dolls made?

All our dolls are handmade by over 1,000 artisans in Peru and Nepal. We chose Peru and Nepal because of their culture’s long knitting history and expertise that’s been handed down from generation to generation. We are proud that our dolls are made with skill, passion and pride, and that we are committed to providing all our knitters a sustainable, fair trade income.

How are the dolls made?

Every cuddle+kind doll is made entirely by hand. Every detail is hand-knit, hand-loomed, embroidered or crocheted stitch by stitch by talented artisans.

What are the dolls made of?

Every cuddle+kind doll is hand-knit with natural, premium, 100% cotton yarn that has been safety tested. They are finished with hypoallergenic felt details and stuffed to the ideal cuddle weight with hypoallergenic polyester filling.

Are the dolls machine washable?

Your doll can be machine washed in cold water on the gentle cycle, but we recommend washing your cuddle+kind doll by hand and laying it flat to dry to help preserve its shape and details.

Have the dolls been safety tested?

The safety of little ones is our highest priority. Our dolls have been tested by a certified third-party facility to meet or exceed US, Canadian and European safety requirements for newborn and children’s toys. Due to the intricacy of both sizes of Pearl and Isla the mermaids, as well as regular 20" Luna and Skye the mermaids, we recommend those dolls for children aged 24m+. The yarn used to hand-knit each doll has been additionally tested to be safe and non-toxic. We recommend that young children be supervised when playing with all toys, including our dolls.

What is the appropriate age for these dolls?

We design cuddle+kind dolls to be loved by children of all ages. Each of our dolls are safety tested, with most of the collection safe for newborns and up. Due to the intricacy of both sizes of Pearl and Isla the mermaids, as well as regular 20" Luna and Skye the mermaids, we recommend those dolls for children aged 24m+. We recommend young children be supervised when playing with all toys, including our dolls.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes! We stand behind our dolls 100% and have a Happiness Guarantee. If you are unhappy with your doll purchased from our website for any reason when you receive it, we will replace it or you may return it for a full refund. If you ever have a quality issue with your doll, now or in the future, we'll happily replace it. 

If you would like to exchange your doll for a different character, you must be a) the original purchaser with the original order number, or b) the original gift recipient of a doll purchased directly from cuddle+kind. Gift recipients may exchange their doll by providing the name of the original purchaser whose order must be in our system.

When shopping for our dolls at a retailer, be sure to ask about their exchange and return policy before purchasing. You should contact the store you purchased your doll from to initiate an exchange or refund.

We guarantee the quality of our dolls and will replace them if quality issues arise. We extend this offer to original purchasers from both our online store and from retailers. Our Happiness Guarantee applies only to original purchasers, not dolls bought second hand.

We’re sorry, but our Happiness Guarantee does not apply to acts outside of our control such as lost or damaged dolls. Return postage is not included when returning or exchanging a doll.

If you have any questions or would like to initiate a return, please email hello@cuddleandkind.com.

Is cuddle+kind a charity?

cuddle+kind is a for-profit business with giving back at its core. We started our company as a social endeavour to help create a sustainable stream of giving to children in need that doesn’t rely on constant fundraising. We have partnerships with several humanitarian agencies that are registered charities who distribute the meals we give where they are needed most. Learn more about our giving partners here.

How do you give 10 meals?

We currently give meals in 66 countries around the world through World Food Program USA, Children’s Hunger Fund, Breakfast Club of Canada and WE Charity. You can learn more about our giving partners here.

What exactly is a meal?

The contents of the meals we donate vary by country and by giving partner. They range from nutritious, complete meals including rice, pasta, beans, vegetables and meat, to nutrient fortified biscuits and date bars, to hand-grown produce from school gardens depending on the location and program. We choose the humanitarian agencies we work with for their on-the-ground knowledge and expertise on what is needed for each region.

Where do the meals go?

We currently provide meals to children in 66 countries around the world including the US and Canada. Some places of note: we provide all the meals to three orphanages in Haiti, supplying nutrition to 150 children every day and we provide school meals to children around the world, including Peru where our dolls are made. You can see a map of the countries where cuddle+kind donates meals through our giving partners here.

How do I know you actually donate meals?

We are proud of our long-standing partnerships with World Food Program USA, Children’s Hunger Fund, Breakfast Club of Canada and WE Charity. We keep a running tally of all dolls purchased and donate the appropriate meals through each of those four humanitarian agencies based on our partnership agreements. We are subject to audit by all four organizations at any time. We are proud of our relationships with each of these outstanding agencies and were touched by their support when we reached 10 million meals donated. 

Read these posts from our Giving Partners:





Breakfast Club of Canada:


Children’s Hunger Fund:


What does “ethically produced” mean?

Thank you for your question! cuddle+kind is built on Jen and Derek’s values of putting people before profits. “Ethically produced” means that our artisans are paid a fair trade wage and are working in safe, comfortable conditions.

The steady, fair trade income we provide empowers artisans in their communities and allows them to care for their families. We’ve received heartwarming feedback from our knitting teams that the steady work we provide allows them to plan for their future and do things they couldn’t do previously, like fix their houses and buy new things for their families.

We care deeply about our artisans because they are part of our cuddle+kind family. If you’d like to learn more about our mission to make a positive impact on the lives of children and the artisans we work with, please read our Giving Book at https://issuu.com/cuddleandkind/docs/givingbook-final-issuu?e=28380387/67440177 <3 

Why fair trade?

We made a commitment when we started cuddle+kind that we would never mass produce our dolls or put profits ahead of people. Providing fair trade wages to our artisans ensures that the principles of fairness and decency are a part of everything we make. It makes us proud when we hear of the meaningful change this brings to the lives of our knitters.

How can I help support cuddle+kind?

You can support us by sharing pictures and commenting on your experience with our dolls on social media to help others know what to expect. Spreading the word about our mission to make the world a better place for little ones helps us reach more people and hopefully feed more children in need. You can share our video that explains why we started cuddle+kind here.

How do I earn cuddle+kind dollars?

All you have to do is join Kind Rewards to earn points on every purchase. Insiders earn 5% and VIPs earn 10% in cuddle+kind dollars on their subtotal every time they shop! (Shipping and taxes not included.) Your cuddle+kind dollars will be added to your account automatically once your order is received!

How do cuddle+kind dollars work?

cuddle+kind dollars may be used like cash toward any purchase at cuddleandkind.com. Just sign in and redeem as much or as little as you like from your Kind Rewards balance when you check out.

How do I redeem my cuddle+kind dollars?

cuddle+kind dollars can be redeemed at checkout online. Once you’re ready to check out, open your cart by clicking the shopping bag in the top right corner of our site to view your points balance and the redemption options. Select the rewards that you’d like to apply to your order and continue to checkout! You can add as many rewards as your balance permits.

Can I use my cuddle+kind dollars during a Double Your Impact Event or a sale?

Yes, you can use your cuddle+kind dollars in conjunction with other promotions at cuddleandkind.com!

Will I earn rewards on purchases when I redeem my cuddle+kind dollars?

You will earn rewards on the portion of your purchase that wasn’t paid with cuddle+kind dollars. For example, if your total is $70 and you use $20 in cuddle+kind dollars, you’ll earn rewards on $50.   

Are there any limitations on the number of cuddle+kind dollars I can redeem?

No, you may pay for your order entirely with cuddle+kind dollars if you wish.

Can I give my cuddle+kind dollars to someone else as a gift?

Sorry, cuddle+kind dollars are not transferable and may not be sold, transferred or assigned to anyone else. You can use your Kind Rewards to purchase items as a gift instead.

What happens to my cuddle+kind dollars if I return an item?

All rewards earned from this purchase, including bonus dollars from a 2x reward event, will be deducted from your account when merchandise is returned. It is possible to have a negative rewards balance.

If I return an item that I used cuddle+kind dollars to buy, will I be refunded for the cash/points?

cuddle+kind dollars applied to a purchase are refundable. If you choose to return an item where you redeemed Kind Rewards, you will be refunded for the price paid after applying the reward as well as your reward dollars. Any points you earned on the purchase will also be deducted from your total.

Do my cuddle+kind dollars expire?

No, cuddle+kind dollars never expire!

Where can I go to find my Kind Rewards account info?

Just sign into your Kind Rewards account. You can view your year-to-date activity and your current balance, redeem cuddle+kind dollars or donate them for meals and learn about your Kind Rewards benefits.

How can I redeem my Birthday rewards?

On your birthday, we’ll send you an email or text with a code for 15% off sitewide. The code is good for 7 days - simply enter it at checkout when you place your order!

Why didn't I receive my birthday rewards?

If your birthday happens to be within 30 days of the day you signed up, you will receive your birthday rewards 30 days after your birthdate.

What is the Exclusive Annual Appreciation Event?

Every year, we show our appreciation for our Kind Rewards members by holding an event with daily prizes and giveaways. Only Kind Rewards members are eligible to take part.

If I donate $5 cuddle + kind dollars for 5 meals does that mean each meal is equivalent to a dollar?

We currently give meals in 65 countries around the world through World Food Program USA, Children’s Hunger Fund and Breakfast Club of Canada. The contents and cost vary by country and giving partner.

How are my rewards calculated for past purchases?

We calculate your total past purchases from cuddleandkind.com up to $500 upon joining and apply rewards of 5% to a maximum value of $25. Your member status is based on your total lifetime spend. If you have spent over $500 you will automatically qualify for VIP status and all its perks on your next purchase!

How do I reach VIP status?

To achieve VIP status, reach a lifetime spend of $500 at cuddleandkind.com. Your membership will immediately be upgraded to qualify you for VIP rewards and perks!

Can I lose my VIP status?

No, we are very grateful for your support. Once a VIP, always a VIP! 

Can I combine past purchases with a family member?

Sorry, past purchases and rewards are not transferable.

Which countries are eligible for free shipping at the VIP level?

VIP Free Shipping is only available to orders shipped to the USA and Canada.

Can I earn cuddle+kind dollars if I buy a doll on Amazon or a stock-list store that sells cuddle+kind dolls?

Only purchases made at cuddleandkind.com qualify for rewards and you must redeem your cuddle+kind reward dollars at cuddleandkind.com.

I forgot to log in before making a purchase, will I still get perks?

Yes! You will earn Kind Rewards regardless of whether you are logged in if you’re a member.  But remember, you must log in to redeem your rewards.

I have a question that's not answered here, can you help me?

Yes! Our amazing customer service department will be happy to help. Please send an email to hello@cuddleandkind.com.

How will my friend get their discount?

When you submit their text or email address, we’ll send them a note that looks like this:

Hi (friend’s name), 

You’ve been sent a gift! 20% off stylish, hand-knit dolls with an impact. Your friend sent you 20% off any lovingly handcrafted cuddle+kind doll (no minimum purchase necessary!). Every doll provides 10 meals to children in need.

How will I get my discount?

When your friend shops through the referral link and places their first order on our website, we’ll email you a unique coupon code for $20 off your next order! Coupons codes can not be combined, only one $20 coupon can be applied per purchase.

I’ve been referred by a friend. How do I get my discount?

Click the link in your email - you’ll get a pop-up notification on our website with your one-time code. Copy the code and apply it at checkout to receive 20% off your first order.

I referred a friend and they are being shown as “not eligible”, why is that?

To be eligible for the discount, your friend must be a new customer. If your friend has shopped online with us before, they will not be eligible for the discount. Members of the same household/ or IP address, or referral orders that use your shipping or billing address, will not be eligible for the discount.

My friend placed an order with my referral code, but I didn’t get my $20.

Once your friend places an eligible order using the referral email, you will be emailed a $20 coupon code that you can use on your next order. If the order was placed by members of the same household/ or IP address, or uses your shipping or billing address, you will not be eligible for the $20 discount.

What can I do if the doll I want is out of stock?

All cuddle+kind dolls are made by hand so they take a significant amount of time to produce. This means that from time to time, we struggle to keep up with demand and do sell out of popular dolls. We aim to replenish our out-of-stock dolls as quickly as possible, and will notify you the second they are back if you sign up for email notifications on your desired dolls’ product pages. If you are purchasing a gift that’s time sensitive, we suggest either choosing a doll that is in stock or buying a gift card and allowing your little recipient to choose for themselves!

What form of payment does cuddle+kind accept?

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. We also offer interest-free installment payments through Afterpay (see below for details). All pricing is shown in USD, unless otherwise indicated.

How do I ‘shop now and pay later’ with Afterpay?

With Afterpay, you can split your payment into four interest-free installments by debit or credit every two weeks.

Just follow these three easy steps:

1. Shop our collection of hand-knit dolls, and when you’re ready to check out, select Afterpay as your method of payment.

2. Sign up for Afterpay when prompted and you’ll know instantly if you’re approved.

3. Afterpay will send you an email notification before each of your four automatic installment payments, and confirmations after.

Read more about how Afterpay works here.


Sales taxes are set by state, provincial or national governments, and as an online retailer we may be required to collect sales tax. Taxes will vary but are normally calculated based on the shipping destination.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide! Enjoy free shipping over $85 to the continental United States, Canada, UK and Australia. Orders going to other international destinations will pay a subsidized shipping rate of $25 USD. For all other shipping info, see our shipping page

Gift messages + gift wrapping

While we do not offer gift wrapping, each cuddle+kind order will be wrapped in tissue and tied with ribbon. If you would like to send dolls as a gift to a special little one in your life, you can add a personalized gift message that will be hand-written on a custom cuddle+kind card and tucked inside the ribbon. Each doll comes with a booklet about cuddle+kind and our mission, and wears a wristband that says “1 doll = 10 meals” so the recipient will know the impact their gift made!

Order processing time

We know how important and special this time of year is, so encourage you to shop as early as possible this holiday! Orders with flat rate shipping are typically dispatched within 2 business days, but please be advised that processing time may be affected by COVID-19 by up to 3 days as our fulfillment center maintains safe physical distancing and sanitation procedures to protect the health of employees packing up orders. Orders with expedited shipping will be dispatched within 1-2 business days during this time. Thank you for your support!

Carrier information

In the USA, flat rate shipping is provided by USPS and expedited shipping is provided by USPS or UPS where applicable. In Canada, flat rate shipping is provided by Canada Post, and expedited shipping is provided by UPS.

International orders will ship with our partner carriers, Globegistics and DHL. Your local postal service will complete the delivery.

**COVID-19 UPDATE: Please be advised that many carriers are experiencing delays due to COVID-19. All orders are expected to be in transit longer than expected.


Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email containing your tracking number. Tracking information may not update daily, but your order is still moving! If you have questions about parcel tracking, you can email hello@cuddleandkind.com for more information.

Will I have to pay customs and taxes on my order?

All International orders may be subject to customs and taxes. Please not pricing for UK orders include VAT and import charges. Each country has different regulations regarding this - please inquire with your local customs office for more information. cuddle+kind is not responsible for this cost.

Can I change or cancel my order?

To ensure prompt delivery, orders begin processing immediately and can’t be changed or cancelled once placed.

My order was marked delivered but I did not receive it.

Parcels are often held at your local post office for pick up, if your mail carrier cannot find a safe place to leave it. We recommend contacting the post office if your order has been marked delivered but has not been received. If you are unable to locate your order once it has been marked delivered, please reach out to hello@cuddleandkind.com for assistance!

My order is lost or stolen.

Please email hello@cuddleandkind.com and we can help you locate your order!

There’s a problem with my doll.

All our dolls are guaranteed forever. If for any reason you are unhappy with your doll, please email us at hello@cuddleandkind.com and we will replace or refund your purchase.

I need to return my order.

We're happy to help! Please email us at hello@cuddleandkind.com and we will help you initiate a return.

cuddle+kind does not provide provide return postage.

I received a doll as a gift, and I would like to exchange it.

We can exchange any gift in new condition, with the original tags attached. Please email hello@cuddleandkind.com for instructions on returning your gift for exchange. cuddle+kind does not provide return postage for exchanges.

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