Kind Rewards

Kind Rewards

Earn up to 10% back + exclusive perks! Get $10 + donate 10 meals just for signing up.

How it works

  • Join

    Sign up and start earning. Your past purchases qualify for rewards.

  • Earn

    Earn 5% to 10% back on all purchases you make. Plus you’ll be rewarded with exclusive perks based on your member status.

  • Redeem

    Redeem your cuddle+kind Dollars towards a purchase or use them to donate extra meals to children in need!

It pays to join kind rewards

Insiders get

VIPs get even more!

10% back with every purchase

Free shipping on all orders

Early access to sales events

You’ll love
being a member

*up to $500 in past purchases qualify for rewards at sign up.

Refer a friend

Give 20%, Get $20.

Be kind. Give your friend 20% off their first
purchase and get $20 toward your next purchase.