Sawyer the lion in the regular and little sizes, shown from the front. Sawyer has light green shorts with knit buttons and a fluffy mane.
Cuddle and kind doll Sawyer the lion in the regular and little sizes, shown from the back. Sawyer’s tail is poking out the back of his shorts.
A close-up showing hand-knit details on Sawyer the lion, including a hand-knit button on his shorts.
A close-up showing Sawyer the lion’s fluffy yarn mane.
Regular and little Sawyer the lion dolls with their arms around each other.
A sleeping baby in a fluffy lion hood with Sawyer the lion dolls in the little and regular sizes.
A laughing baby in a fluffy lion hood with two Sawyer the lion stuffed dolls.
Sawyer the lion
Two Sawyer the lion stuffed animals sitting beside a framed print with a picture of Sawyer that says “Courage, dear heart.”
A framed print with a drawing of Sawyer the lion and text that says “Courage, dear heart.”

Sawyer the lion

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Birthday: May 3rd

I live on a breathtaking plain with blue sky that stretches far as the eye can see. People call me a loving lion because I think of others first and always help friends in my pride. I believe that kindness always wins, and that the bravest thing you can do is stand up for what you believe in!

Favorite quote: "Courage, dear heart.

Goal: To provide 1 million meals a year.

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